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The First Day of Tomorrow brings together the world's top leaders in technology, research, startup investment, and entrepreneurship to highlight the hottest technologies and startups that are building our TOMORROW.

Top Scientists Entrepreneurs Industrialists Investors Policy Makers Journalists Designers Makers

This international event will also host the Grande Finale event of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge, a startup challenge of over 2000 projects from more than 30 countries.
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  • Massimo BanziCofounder & InventorARDUINO PROJECT
  • Demis HassabisArtificial Intelligence Guru & CEODEEPMIND
  • Ellen JorgensenLeading Biohacker & CofounderGENSPACE
  • Bill LiaoInvestor SuperstarSOS Ventures
  • Jean Baptiste RudelleCEO & Big Data GuruCRITEO
  • Liz WaldHead of InternationalINDIEGOGO
  • Prof. Mark PostInventor In-vitro HamburgerUniv. Maastricht
  • Kamil AdamczykCEO & LeWeb 2013 WinnerINTELCLINIC
  • Andrew DawoodFounder & 3D Printing HeadmasterDigits2Widgets
  • Jessica RichmanFounder & CEOuBIOME
  • Rich WalkerCEO & Inventor of the bionic manSHADOW ROBOTS
  • Prof. Patrick CouvreurEuropean Inventor of the yearCNRS
  • Andy ElwoodEx Senior Business DevelopmentWAZE
  • Fred MazellaCEOBLABLACAR
  • Charbel AounSenior Vice PresidentSchneider Electric
  • Ludovic Le MoanCEOSIGFOX
  • Max VersaceDirector Neuromorphic labBoston University
  • Gregory KatzFounder and Chair ProfessorESSEC Chair of Therapeutic Innovation
  • Zoltan TakatsInventor and Serial FounderImperial College
  • Vincent SchachterVP Total New EnergiesTOTAL
  • Marie EkelandPartnerElaia Partners
  • James CameronPartnerACCEL PARTNERS
  • Roxanne VarzaStartup LeadMicrosoft
  • Tim GardnerVP ResearchAMYRIS
  • Romain LavaultGeneral PartnerPartech Ventures
  • Mathieu LefevreExecutive DirectorNew Cities Foundation
  • Benjamin JoffeMentorHaxlr8r
  • Stephen PironCEOBright*sun
  • Hemai ParthasarathyScientific DirectorBreakout Labs
  • Thomas ServalCEOKolibree
  • Gilles BabinetEuropean ChampionEuropean Commission
  • Cécile TharaudCEOInserm Transfert
  • Laurent Dumas-CrouzillacPartnerIdInvest
  • Jean-David ChamboredonManaging PartnerISAI Gestion
  • Vivek TandonManaging partnerAloe Private Equity
  • Isabelle de CrémouxManaging PartnerSeventure
  • Bruno BonnellManaging PartnerRobolution Capital
  • Romain LalanneHead of Open DataSNCF
  • Johannes FruehaufCEOCambridge Biolabs
  • Dominique BelletProfessor and InventorInstitut Curie
  • Geneviève FerroneVice PresidentThe Shift Project
  • Yann ThoinetPresidentCleatech Business Angels
  • Gildas SorinCEONOVALED
  • Youssri HelmyGeneral PartnerNewbury Ventures
  • Mathieu LehanneurInventor and DesignerLehanneur
  • Antoine DurieuxFounder & CEOAlkemics
  • Vincent KientzFounder & CEOENEA Consulting
  • Jean-Marc BallyGeneral PartnerAster Capital
  • Gilles BouchardFounder & CEOEBA
  • Luc BretonesExecutive Vice PresidentTechnocentre Orange
  • Laurent KottFounder & CEOIT Translation
  • Sebastien PayenFounder & CEOFRUITION SCIENCES
  • Elaine WarburtonCEOQUANTUMDX
  • Philippe DewostDeputy Director Digital EconomyCaisse des Dépots
  • Romain LacombeHead of InnovationETALAB
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Amphiteatre GASTON BERGER Amphiteatre LOUIS ARMAND
French Breakfast
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Pitch Arena+
TOMORROW. Funding+
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TOMORROW. Do it yourself+
TOMORROW. Cities & Tech+
TOMORROW. Cleantech+
TOMORROW. Connected Objects+
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Tasty French Snacks
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The First Day of Tomorrow will gather brilliant scientists, passionate startupers & influential VCs from all over Europe - many of them, you'll want to meet in person!

We'll have rooms and spaces dedicated to startups-investors, startups-accelerators, startups-industrialists one-on-one meetings.

We'll deploy a convenient mobile app for you to interact with all attendees, speakers and showcased startups!


Over the First Day of Tomorrow, some of the most innovative European startups will expose their latest products to the public, in ad hoc locations.

All participants will be able to witness what products and services will shape our TOMORROW, and to interact with top leaders from those startups.

#early_adopters #products #services

Maker Space

An incredible Fab Lab gathering tools from Arduino (open-source electronics prototyping platform), Raspberry Pi (credit-card-sized computers) & 3D printers. Biohacking is also on the menu.

#workshops #makers_party #build_your_own

FrenchTech Safari

The French Tech Safari is a whole-day event during which major innovation players from Paris and its neighborhoods will open their doors, allowing people to witness the vibrant innovation scene that Paris has the chance to have at the moment.

It will follow the First Day of Tomorrow, and take place on April 19, 2014.

All relevant info here!


April 18th 2014
Cité des Science et de l‘Industrie
Congress Center - 75019 Paris, France

More than 2500m2 and 1800+ attendees
in the heart of Paris

The First Day of Tomorrow takes place in the 'Cité des Sciences et de l‘Industrie', Paris‘s most renowned venue for science and technology. Ever since it opened, the Cité has linked science to the major issues faced by society, focusing on the environmental, geo-economic and ethical questions raised by technological progress and innovation.

Getting there

Charles de Gaulle Airport

Orly Airport

Beauvais Aiport


Porte de la VillettePorte de Pantin

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Meet our amazing partners

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"The Challenge brought together all the key types of stakeholders needed to create the right environment for disruptive innovation to flourish, including research, science, VC/finance, government and business."

Rude Baguette

Startups & Growth Hackers




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Opening Keynote

Joël de Rosnay is a special advisor to the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie and President of Biotics International, a consulting company specialised in the impact of new technologies on industries..


Inspiring keynotes by amazing scientists developing disruptive technologies

#artifical_intelligence #cancer #nanoparticules #robots #ultra_thin_circuits

- "How will flexible electronics change biomedical engineering?"
Dr. Giovanni Salvatore, Scientific Fellow at the Wearable Computing Group at ETHZ.

- "Will robotic intelligence make the next leap forward?"
Prof Max Versace, director of the Neuromorphic Lab at Boston University founded Neurala in 2006 to commercialize brain-based softwares.

- "How to cure diseases with supercharged nanoparticules?"
Prof Patrick Couvreur, nano-oncologist from CNRS has received the Inventor of the Year Award in 2013 from the European Patent Office.

- "Is growing meat in a test-tube the future of the food industry?"
Prof. Mark Post, from University of Maastricht, has been backed by google co-founder with a $60.000.000 grant to make this dream a reality.

- "The future of surgery: the iKnife and other connected objects"
Dr. Zoltan Takats from Imperial College, is the founder of Prosolia, Medimass and Massprom.


Inspiring keynotes by leading entrepreneurs transforming technologies into products.

#synthetic_biology #algorithms #gene_therapy #robots

- "The power of Big Data"
Jean-Louis Constanza is a serial entrepreneur and currently the CEO of CRITEO, a global leader of performance display advertising.

- "How robotics will change the world: the story behind the bionic man"
Rich Walker is the CEO of Shadow Robot, a UK company developing cutting edge robotics, notably the Dexterous Hand and the Air Muscles.

- "The 3D Printing revolution"
Dr. Andrew Dawood is a dentist surgeon but also the 3D Printing Headmaster. He just opened Digits2Widget, the largest 3D printing story in the UK.

- "Reprogramming life: the promises of Synthetic Biology"
Dr. Tim Gardner is the VP Research of Amyris, the largest synbio startup that creates reprograms microbes to synthesize high-value added molecules.


Advice and feedback from visionary investors and entrepreneurs on the future of startup funding.

#seedfunding #corporate_venturing #crowdfunding

- "When algorithms help investors find diamond in the rough"
Stephen Piron is the founder of Bright*Sun. He developed an algorithm to foster data-driven investments.

- "The VC point of view on the next decade of startup funding"
Bill Liao is a partner at SOS Ventures, he co-founded Xing, CoderDojo,WeForst and was an influential early investor in Twitter.

- "When corporations and startups collaborate to bring technologies to market"
As VP R&D at Total New Energies, Vincent Schachter built and operates solar and biotech R&D as a coordinated network of partnerships with academic labs and tech startups.

- "The evolution of NO to YES"
Liz Wald is the Head of International at Indiegogo, the world's largest global crowdfunding platform.

Pitch Arena

Live pitches from the 25 selected startups for the Hello Tomorrow Challenge.

#biotech #energy #big_data #robotics #hardware #IT-Com

Discover the teams here!

TOMORROW. Cities & Technologies brought to you by New Cities Foundation

Panel focusing on the usage of technologies to create the smart cities of TOMORROW.

Are smart cities the future of cities? The idea that computer and technology driven cities are the key to a better future has gained traction. Some will say that a smart city is about adding a knowledge layer to the infrastructural layer that governs city dynamics. Others will focus on the analysis of Big Data. Is it about providing an answer to the energy challenge? Is it about re-designing and inventing open-data powered citizen-centric services? Is it about sensing and governing the inherent complexity of cities? Implementing smart cities require technologies and collaboration among multiple stakeholders. This panel will try to get an idea of what these technologies are, and how they are being carried out. What picture is the “smart city” concept-brush drawing? Is it a realistic painting or an impressionist masterpiece?

- Program to be announced soon

Tomorrow Do It Yourself

Panel focusing on the makers, hackers and biohackers that are reshaping the world today for a better TOMORROW.

- Massimo Banzi: co-founder of Arduino, the microcontroller that is changing the world

- Ellen Jorgensen: one of global leading figure in BioHacking, founder of Genspace

- Benjamin Joffe: mentor at Hax8lr8r

- Andrew Dawood: 3D printing headmaster, dental-surgeon and founder of Digits2Widgets

- Andrew Hessel: from Singularity Univervisty & researcher at Autodesk (moderator)

Tomorrow Cleantech - powered by Total

Panel focusing on the technologies and products that are going to shape cleantech of TOMORROW.

- Gildas Sorin: co-founder and CEO of NOVALED, "European Company of the Year" in 2012

- Marc Delcourt: co-founder and CEO of Global Bioenergies, "Most Innovative Biotech SME" 2012

- Vivek Tandon: Founder of Aloe Private Equity

- Vincent Schachter: VP R&D at Total New Energies (moderator)

Tomorrow Healthcare - powered by ESSEC Chair of Therapeutic Innovation

Panel focusing on the technologies and products that are going to shape the healthcare sector of TOMORROW.

- Jessica Richman: founder and CEO of uBIOME

- Elaine Warburton: founder and CEO of QuantuMDx

- 3rd panelist to be announced soon

- Gregory Katz (moderator)

Tomorrow Mobility - powered by MICHELIN

- Fred Mazzella: co-founder and CEO of BlaBlaCar

- Andy Elwood: Ex Senior Business Developper at WAZE, recently acquired by Google for 1 Billion Dollars

- 3rd Panelist to be announced soon

- Moderator to be announced soon

Tomorrow Connected Objects - powered by Orange

Panel focusing on how connected objects will shape our TOMORROW.

- Thomas Serval: co-founder and chairman of Kolibree

- Sebastien Payen: co-founder and CEO of Fruition Sciences

- Kamil Adamczyk: co-founder and CEO IntelClinic, winner at LeWeb 2013

- Luc Bretones: EVP Technocentre Orange (moderator)

Closing Keynote

Closing keynote by Massimo Benzi, Founder of the ARDUINO.
Through ARDUINO, Massimo is the leader in affordable open-source microcontrollers for interactive projects, from art installations to an automatic plant waterer.

Grand Finale of the Hello Tomorrow Challenge

Announcement of the 5 track finalists

Live pitch of the 5 track finalists.

Election of the Grand Winner.

Coktail Dinner

We've prepared an awesome dinner and cocktail party to celebrate the First Day of Tomorrow and close the day with intense networking!

"Tech me Out" Party @ Trabendo Club

You just can't have a conference without a great party!

We're bringing you the best of the French Touch DJ's at the Trabendo Club, just 5min away from the Congress Center!